Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Lock-down Learning - Adapt to move forward

Today is Tuesday the 21st of April 2020.  Still on lock-down since Wednesday March the 25th.

Here are some of the things that I have done online while on lock-down, Level 4.  Many of these are new skills:
  • attended 3 DFI courses (Digital Fluency Intensive with teachers from around NZ)
  • created a new sports site
  • filed over 10,000 photos on my laptop since 2015
  • selected the right photos for the buttons on the sport site
  • created a digital pepeha
  • shared sports news for our school assembly that was livestreamed
  • created a youtube playlist of skills from 14 various sporting codes
  • created an A-Z exercise activities on google slide with a voice over using Quicktime
  • created a google form for response from students about their physical activities at home
  • organised a roster for specialists to make blog comments for 'their classes'
  • responding to emails from parents & students with queries about sport
  • created a spreadsheet with all of our students & class blog links for future use 
  • saving resources & ideas that I've copied from social media platforms
  • paid for a resource in order to use their images for my online content
  • shared a few resources with sports leads in the area
  • wrote & shared some ideas of how to engage reluctant students in P.E. & sport
  • organised a google meet lesson with the Manaiakalani boss on how to use Teacher Dashboard 
  • attended a sports cluster zoom meeting to discuss support for our roles
  • using the twitter link to track who has been blogging from our school
  • going into our school video archives to find pictures & footage for the sport site
  • created google meets with specialist teachers & a folder for minutes
  • attended Board of Trustees meetings 
  • filed Min of Ed bulletins in folders for BOT's correspondence
  • subscribed to NZSTA news for the board
  • changed the theme of my sports blog
  • edited my blog profile
  • creating folders for work as I go to file documents straight away
  • attended a rugby coaching course meeting via zoom  
  • created a dance with friends via zoom as part of a fitness group challenge
  • did an 80's retro dance class, following a YMCA instructor from our local pools
  • sharing birthday shout-outs, video clips & messages on our family chat page
  • sharing selfies & APP results to my health & fitness support group 
  • creating youtube playlists of favourite music
  • attended church & bible studies online
  • put all transactions from our family a/cs on to google spreadsheets for our treasurers
  • ordered new blanket/pillow & a nutribullet blender online
  • walk 6km for an hour every morning at 7:00 a.m. going past our school & Pt England beach

Famous basketball coach John Wooden's quote "If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward" is true to what teachers have to go through during this time.  We have to adapt, we have to be open and we have to be resilient and learn how to teach differently.  I am thankful that I have had the time to learn new things and I feel blessed to have many kind experts I can call on to help me become more digitally fluent as we progress forward in to a new era.

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  1. What a list Sally! Good on you for stopping and compiling it. You have not only created memories but you have recorded these memories. Wow- you got through a huge amount. All this practice and embedding of your new schools, in the context of things you are already expert at, will stand you in strong stead as we emerge from this convid crisis.
    Bless you!