Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Be Resilient

I haven't posted on this blog for a while.  Mainly because I haven't worked on developing the sport site so there wasn't anything to share.  The last time I worked on it, it was taking about half an hour to create one button, I couldn't work out how to centre them on a page...I got lost with the 'coding', then there were too many buttons, it looked too busy, lots of pages to update...etc.  It became frustrating and discouraging.  I just wished that someone else could create the site and I just updated it.

My inquiry was about having a site for everyone to use but creating it has been the problem.

In the meantime I continue to inform students, parents and volunteers through texting, emails, face to face meetings and newsletters.  That is still working.  My school holidays over the next couple of weeks will be spent simplifying the sport site...delete, delete, change...have a coffee...google "how to" etc... so that it becomes manageable.  I wish I could change my inquiry to focus on key relationships and the progress of students, but I need to be resilient about this and get this job done.

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