Sunday, 29 November 2015

Google Apps for Sports Admin

A few people call me, the queen of google spreadsheets and I agree, I basically use google sheets all the time!

I spend a lot of time in Google Drive, updating documents regularly - there's a lot of information and lots of children and adults that I work with daily, so that in order to remember everything, I make the time to put the details in the docs to refer to at any time.  I've also learned over the past few years, to consolidate what's needed and what's useful.

It's important that I document this information for:
  • Board of Trustees reports (usually once a term)
  • an annual review at the end of the year
  • budget purposes
  • prizegiving awards
  • to track our progress with physical education and sport 
  • make improvements for the following year
  • evidence to report back to the child, teachers, parents & the ERO (Education Review Office)
  • provide feedback to sports organisations
  • share our history to current teams, parents & clubs
I'm so thankful that I'm able to store all of this 'in the cloud' that I can access from any device, anytime - with the peace of mind, knowing that even if my laptop crashes, the information is still kept safely in the school's google domain.  Phew!!

Here's a list below of the google docs, google sheets and google slides that I use to record what we do with sports and with anything to do with physical education at our school.

Google Sheets for 

  • Sports Teams (includes Player of the Day / short report of the game/tournament)
  • Kiwisport (timetables, class lists/numbers, overview, evaluations)
  • Swimming (timetables, instructors hours)
  • Netball (team lists, fixtures & results, fees, uniforms, dates, meetings, player info)
  • Basketball (team lists, fixtures & results)
  • Cricket (team lists, fixtures & results, player information)
  • Rugby & League (team lists - weight, position, club team)
  • Sports Monitors (timetable, list of things to do, issues, general notes on gear/students)
  • Beep Test (class lists with weights, levels to achieve, info, other fitness tests)
  • Sports Budget (term costs)
  • Sports Uniforms (list of all uniforms & storage gear at school)
  • Athletics (plans for school athletics day, includes PMI Evaluation)
  • Athletics Y7-8 Records
  • Cross Country (plans for school cross country day, includes PMI Evaluation)
  • Coaches & Managers (list of coaches/managers/helpers for teams, each term)
  • Commonwealth / Olympic Games (plans for school day, includes PMI Evaluation)
  • Sports Expo (list of local clubs & RSO - Regional Sports Organisations)
  • Netball Prizegiving (list of awards, programme)
  • Sports Prizegiving Awards (list of awards)
  • Sports Representatives (all codes, trial dates, list of kids who trialled/made the team)
  • Class Lists - Boys & Girls
  • Sports Fixtures (weekly document with the trainings, games for the week)
  • T1 Team Sports, T2 Team Sports, T3 Team Sports, T4 Team Sports
  • Sports Photo Schedule
  • Staff Meetings / PD
  • NZ P.E & Health Curriculum

Google Docs for

  • Sports Gear (for teachers to record what gear to borrow)
  • Board of Trustees Sports Reports (created once a term)
  • Newsletters (for each code)
  • Coaches & Managers Meetings 
  • Annual Sports Review 

Google Slides for 

  • PES Coaches & Managers
  • Coaches & Managers - Netball
  • Swimming Progressions
Also in Google Drive for
  • Sports Movies
  • Sports Photos
  • Folders (to file docs, sheets, slides)