Sunday, 5 April 2015

Research proves that active kids are smarter!

I found a research report on the website of the Department of Sport and Recreation from the Government of Western Australia, called Brain boost: Sport and physical activity enhance children's learning by Dr Karen Martin, University of Western Australia.  I saw the link that was shared on the Sport NZ website.  As us Kiwis know, the Aussies love their sport and always have a bit of a competitive edge over us.

So basically this report provides an update of evidence from Australian and international research that proves that increased participation in sport and in other forms of physical activities enhances learning and better grades.  And I say, amen!

Exercise improves cognitive functioning, memory, concentration, behaviour and academic achievement for children.  However the report also highlighted, that in reality with an increasing pressure on schools to achieve academic success, physical education and sport is likely to be 'pushed down the curriculum' and could even look like less than 10 minutes a day in schools.  

I'm going to post 3 parts to the research that I've copied from this link which I think will sum up what they have discovered.

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